Staten Island, New York - Congresswoman Fischbach participated in a House Ways & Means Committee field hearing on trade in America, focusing on securing the supply chain and protecting the American worker. This is part of a series of trade hearings. 

"These field hearings are so important because it gives us the opportunity to learn from the people our work and our policies impact," said Rep. Fischbach. "I was grateful to hear from Mr. Hemminger and the other panelists about the need to expand the workforce and cut down on the bureaucracy if we want to protect America's labor-dependent industries like so many agricultural jobs in my district, and I will certainly keep their concerns and ideas in mind as my colleagues and I work to solve the serious workforce issues this country is facing." 




This was the first in a series of field hearings that will focus on trade. You can watch Mrs. Fischbach's question for the panel here.