Ordering a Flag

Through the Capitol Flag Program, constituents of Minnesota's Seventh Congressional District have the opportunity to purchase a U.S. flag from this office. Flags are available in different sizes and fabrics; you may also choose to have your new flag flown over the U.S. Capitol for an additional charge. Flags flown over the Capitol include a certificate, which may be personalized for a particular person, event, or organization.

If you would like to order a U.S. flag from our office, please use the flag order form. Accepted forms of payment include e-Checks (ACH), all major credit and debit cards, and mailed checks. Please note that paying by mailed check may delay your order by up to six weeks due to extended processing requirements.

Click here for the online flag order form.

Caring for Your Flag

Most outdoor flags can be washed in mild detergent and thoroughly rinsed. Indoor and parade flags should be dry-cleaned. Damaged flags can be repaired and used as long as the overall dimensions are not noticeably altered. American Legion Posts and local governments often have facilities to dispose of unserviceable flags. Store your flag in a clean, well ventilated area.