(Learfield News Service/Washington D.C.) Business groups in Minnesota are pleased the U-S Supreme Court struck down President Biden’s vaccination or testing/mask mandate for large employers, although the justices left it in place for many health care workers.

State Employment and Economic Development Commissioner Steve Grove says fears were overblown that a vaccine mandate would have caused a mass exodus of workers in an already-tight labor market, saying “That’s not to say that some people don’t leave and some people don’t want to be vaccinated. We understand that. But when your employer engages you at that level, it has a certain effect, it has a certain impact, that the data is showing us again and again as we talk to employers is effective.”

Seventh District Republican Congresswoman Michelle Fischbach calls the Supreme Court’s decision “a huge win for the American people” but says it’s unfortunate that health care facilities accepting Medicare and Medicaid are still subject to the restrictions.

Fischbach says, “I will continue to advocate for our healthcare workers and against all unconstitutional mandates from this Administration.”