Fischbach rips "American Rescue Plan"

Lakeland Broadcasting

March 11, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- U.S. Representative Michelle Fischbach voted against the latest COVID-19 relief bill which passed the U.S. House Wednesday. Fischbach issued a press release, saying “I continue to oppose this $1.9 trillion barrel of pork – of which only a small fraction goes toward actual pandemic relief. Democrats left Republicans completely out of the discussion, opting to negotiate among themselves and arriving at a bloated, wasteful, and divisive bill cloaked as a ‘compromise.’ Fischbach said “This was never about COVID-19; this has always been about advancing a far-left agenda. With millions for Planned Parenthood, $1.7 billion for Amtrak, $50 million for ‘environmental justice,’ and $570 million to pay federal employees to stay home, the bill does nothing to help struggling small businesses or bring kids back to the classroom. In fact, much of the funds in this bill will not even be spent this fiscal year." She finished by saying if Democrats were serious about providing relief it would have been a temporary bill, targeted and tied to COVID-19.

The legislation will send $1,400 checks to most Americans, extend unemployment insurance and allocate billions of dollars for coronavirus testing. It is among the largest economic stimulus packages in U.S. history.