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Minnesota 7th District Congresswoman Michelle Fischbach is back in the area for a few days surrounding the 4th of July Holiday for a break from Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. She was first elected to Congress in 2020 and is planning to run for her 3rd term next year.

Fischbach says it was a steep learning curve when she arrived in Washington even though she had served for many years in the Minnesota Legislature. She says she serves on the Ways & Means, Rules, Budget and Ethics Committees, and the Ways & Means Committee will be having a field hearing in Minnesota’s 7th District this month.

Fischbach says the Agriculture Committee is putting a new farm bill together, which they do every 5 years, and are looking for input, so she is making sure the sugar program is protected which is one of the big concerns for many of the farmers in her district who raise sugar beets. She says she was excited about a Supreme Court ruling regarding water safety which had been a concern for many farmers.

Fischbach says a couple of trade concerns for agriculture include Brazil’s 16% tariff on ethanol and Mexico’s exclusion of GMO corn, but there are agreements in place that need to be enforced. She says she enjoys traveling around her district, meeting with her constituents and hearing their concerns.