Montevideo American News

Congresswoman Michelle Fischbach was in Montevideo on Monday and had the chance to meet with many corners of the community. At CCM Health, she saw how the wellness center has been a valuable preventative health resource. The team at CCM also told her that, even though many rural care centers have had to stop many services due to the multitude of challenges they face from costs to staffing shortages, they have made the difficult and noble decision to continue to offer OBGYN services because they know it will help grow the community. She was impressed by all the work Prairie Five Meals is doing to promote health and independent living for older adults in the community through their in-person meal delivery programs, an extremely valuable service in many of the smaller towns that do not have grocery stores or pharmacies. She met with the team at Friendship Homes and toured some of their building projects. They told her that some regulations by the Department of Energy make the production of their market-rate homes more costly and lengthy. While touring Hawks Nest Early Childhood Center, she was informed that some children have been on the waitlist for over three years due to the lack of childcare in the community. And, she spoke with the Chippewa County Sheriff’s office where they discussed the lack of mental health services and the impact it’s having in the community, as well as the efforts and difficulties recruiting and retaining officers. Montevideo is an exceptionally resilient and strong community, but the issues it is facing are important and must be solved. Congresswoman Fischbach will be using all of the valuable input she gained from her visit as she fights for lower costs, less unnecessary regulation, and all the needs of Minnesota’s rural communities in Washington.