(KNSI) — A bill addressing supply chain issues and shipping backlogs is headed for the president’s desk.

The Ocean Shipping Reform Act is aimed at fixing supply chain issues, increasing transparency in the shipping industry and bolstering the investigative authority of the Federal Maritime Commission, which is the agency that oversees ocean shipping.

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar was one of the coauthors of the bill. She says it will also level the playing field for American exporters by making it harder for ocean carriers to unreasonably refuse goods ready to export at ports. “Congestion at ports and increased shipping costs pose unique challenges for U.S. exporters, who have seen the price of shipping containers increase four-fold in just two years, raising costs for consumers and hurting our businesses. Meanwhile, ocean carriers that are mostly foreign-owned have reported record profits.”

Many adopted amendments include provisions of Minnesota’s Seventh District Congresswoman Michelle Fischbach’s SHIP IT Act. A press release from Representative Fischbach’s office says the provisions include authorizing the Coast Guard to expedite certain documents required to work at major ports, conditions supporting the usage of inland port infrastructure, and a report detailing the technological competitiveness of U.S. ports compared with those of peer nations.

“People across the country are struggling with supply chain issues with no end in sight. This has contributed to the record inflation we’re facing,” said Rep. Fischbach. “My provisions included in this bill will help ease tensions and get goods onto shelves.”

The bill was approved 369-42. The president said he was looking forward to signing the bill.

Saint Cloud, MN, USA / KNSI