WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, a press conference was held at the Minnesota State Capitol urging passage of the Democrat-backed North STAR Act. The proposed legislation would make Minnesota a sanctuary state by prohibiting local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration enforcement and banning state government officials from enforcing civil immigration laws.

Congresswoman Michelle Fischbach (MN-07), Congressman Brad Finstad (MN-01), Majority Whip Emmer (MN-06), and Congressman Pete Stauber (MN-08) voiced strong opposition to the legislation:

"Across the country and right here in Minnesota, we have seen what becomes of places that limit their cooperation with law enforcement and become 'sanctuary cities'. These places become hotbeds of dangerous crime and depleted local health and safety resources and are a sanctuary to no one. I am simply appalled that anyone in Minnesota could be in favor of further risking the safety of our communities this way," said Rep. Fischbach. "I was just at the southern border and can attest to the fact that there are huge numbers of bad actors crossing our border illegally - from child traffickers to drug cartels to terrorists - and the only way to protect our communities from the very real danger they bring is by cooperating with the agencies that are equipped to enforce our immigration laws."

Majority Whip Emmer said, “Another day, another DFL proposal that puts Minnesotans last. We are seeing the consequences of the border crisis in our state every day: an Al-Shabaab terrorist dealing arms in our backyard, fentanyl claiming more than 62% of the lives lost to overdoses last year. And yet, the DFL wants to pass a bill that will roll out the red carpet to illegal immigrants and kneecap law enforcement. This outrageous bill puts every Minnesotan in danger and must not become law.”

“Our country is in the midst of an unprecedented crisis at the southern border, and this dangerous legislation not only exacerbates the problem, but brings it right to our backyard,” said Rep. Finstad. “It is unacceptable that the Democrat-led Minnesota Legislature’s top agenda item is to create incentives for illegal immigrants to come to our state, rather than prioritize the safety and well-being of our Minnesota communities.”

Rep. Stauber said, “The DFL's path of destruction for Minnesotans continues with their latest desire to turn Minnesota into a sanctuary state. Their proposal would allow those who have broken our laws to receive all the benefits and resources our state has to offer, leaving nothing for Minnesotans except the bill. The DFL and the Walz Administration continue to put the safety and well-being of Minnesotans last. Last fall, a little girl was sexually assaulted in Bemidji, where 11 illegal immigrants were found at the scene of the crime. Last week, we learned that a terrorist who entered our country through the southern border had been roaming free in our state for a year before being detained in Minneapolis. And fentanyl is the leading cause of death of our young people, a deadly drug being funneled through our wide open border by drug cartels. We cannot continue to put our people in harm's way. Minnesotans don't want to be living in a so-called sanctuary state. They want border security. These efforts must be stopped.”